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File Server Solutions


Reduced budgets mean ICT needs to become more flexible, and it’s not just about hardware. It’s also about solutions.  Based on industry standard architectures, Westerns servers are the best answer to the do-more-with-less challenge. By helping educators improve operational efficiency.

Western have created a simple server solution for small and medium site schools. All our solutions are designed to cater for your existing infrastructure and future growth. Our fixed price solutions are managed from start to finish to ensure you are completely satisfied and everything you require is functioning as it should be. Most installation take anywhere up to 8 days ensuring that the solutions is as instructed and fully tested.

We offer different levels of installation from assisted installs if you have your own technician to fully managed installs which include the following as standard:

Server Install

    • Configure hardware RAM /Raid
    • Configure required operating system
    • Migrate data from current setup
    • Configure users and group’s as required
    • Setup Group Policy – redirect mydocs to home drive, redirect desktop, configure specific Internet settings and home page, Drive Maps & Printers – set anything specifically required by the school
    • Configure personnel mapped home share related to username
    • Configure a pupil resources share
    • Configure a teacher specific share that is not visible to pupils
    • Configure software shares
    • Configure teachers to have access to all the pupils work
    • Install & Configure Sophos Enterprise & Client Deployment
    • Install WDS Services & Schools  Image for disaster recovery & easy deployment
    • Install WSUS to keep all your PC’s up to date
    • Configure a scheduled bare metal /disaster recovery backup
    • Configure network printers (Photocopiers may require the suppliers input)
    • Setup any required scripts
    • Create a Simms partition for the school to have admin/curric on the same server if required
    • Configure Remote Access for Western (off site support)
    • Complete system overhaul to include re installing all schools ICT equipment for a fresh start

    Client Installation

      • Deploy Windows 10/ Office 2016  WDS image created to all curric compatible ICT equipment
      • Configure & install all compatible licensed software to work with the server
      • Ensure that all compatible applications run and you are able to access anything you need to
      • Ensure that all printing options are available
      ptional Discounted After sales Technicians Service SLA Which Includes Remote Access Support

      Western are able to provide simple entry level servers to full rack mounted systems including educational Microsoft license agreements. Due to the complexity of server installations, we offer a FREE SITE VISIT where a software engineer can visit your school to discuss your requirements and provide you with pricing and the best solution for your school.


      We Specialise in Open Value Subscription Educational Solution (OVS-ES)

      Under this agreement you can license a single school, multiple schools or an entire school system, such as a local authority. You count your Full-Time Equivalent staff once per year, so you don't have to track every single computer in your establishment. Full time equivalent are staff who work more than 200 hours per year in your school.

      Key benefits of this program include:

      • Counting FTE staff once per year covers all staff and shared-use computers
      • One annual payment for all software at academic prices
      • Access to the most current version of licensed software
      • Ability to downgrade to an earlier version of software
      • Broad product selection available in all languages
      • Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh platform
      • Optional inclusion of computers exclusively dedicated to one student, and student’s own home computers


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