What can JAMF MDM device management do for your school?

What can JAMF MDM device management do for your school?

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Today’s classrooms require the use of up-to-date modern technologies to assist in the development of children’s learning. The adoption rate of portable computing devices such as iPads have increased significantly since their introduction to the education sector. However, with this also comes the need for fast, multifaceted MDM device management to assist in the ever-increasing number of devices under your control. This is where a mobile device management (MDM) such as JAMF comes in. JAMF MDM empowers administrators with a powerful, streamlined platform to maximise the potential of your devices to get the most out of your technology in the classroom.

One of the main benefits to having an MDM is app deployment. With an ever-increasing number of iPads being adopted into schools, mass app deployment is essential. Apps can be pushed simultaneously to all devices in school or separated to personalised groups, to ensure each user in school has the necessary tools they require to assist with their learning.

JAMF is also industry leading in its ability enforce security and control across its devices. Using location-based tracking, devices can be locked or remotely wiped if ever lost or stolen. Not only that but with robust security policies, administrators can implement a bespoke set of restrictions to users to ensure that they are able to use their devices safely and securely.

Setup of JAMF couldn’t be simpler. By creating user profiles with the JAMF interface, any new iPads brought into school can be delivered with an ‘out of the box’ experience. This enables iPad’s to be unboxed and connected to Wi-Fi, and just like that your custom profile including all the settings, restrictions and apps will be instantly downloaded, saving time for your IT administrators to put their time on more critical tasks. Moreover, the maintenance of your device management can also be largely automated, with software and app updates being set to take place at specific times to decrease any class time disruptions or downtime.

We are proud to be a JAMF partner and to help schools get their mobile devices fully integrated into their teaching experience. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us about how to get started on 01253 298111, via email at sales@western-computers.co.uk or on our contact form on this website.

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