Network Infrastructure

We design, build and support school network infrastructures

When we provide schools with our network infrastructure services we are simply making sure that all your devices talk to the right systems at the right time with the speed you need whilst being secure and reliable. As well as having the flexibility to cope with the demands of an everchanging educational environment.

Well, it’s a little more complex than that, but essentially, it refers to all the resources that make connectivity, operations and communications possible between your users, devices and services. You could invest in the latest technology and then wonder why you are not getting the browsing speeds you expected. A badly designed and maintained network could well be the reason.

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How we support you

At Western, we’ve worked with networks for decades. We understand that you need the confidence to know that your students are using a network that is safe, secure, fast and reliable. That’s why we’ll configure your network infrastructure correctly, so that you get the right results.

Our team take pride in being able to provide a high-quality service, advising you on the latest technologies and the best solutions to suit your school’s needs, as we have done for over 40 years, so we know our stuff! We have great relationships with manufacturers and our team are highly skilled to ensure that you get the service you need now and into the future.

With our Network Infrastructure services you get

Remote Support

When network and internet access is lost, learning outcomes can be severely affected.  In many cases we are able to identify and rectify issues remotely, greatly improving the time taken to get you up and running.

Urgent Assistance

If we can’t fix the problem remotely then our mobile response unit will be with you as soon as possible if learning outcomes are affected.

Scheduled Visits

During your scheduled visits we can take care of those ‘nuisance’ problems.  We also ensure that your network hardware is healthy and performing correctly.

Constant Monitoring

We also monitor the health of your key network components 24/7.  This allows us to be alerted of any network outages as soon as they occur.