Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless Network Solutions for schools

These days, just about everything with a power button can connect wirelessly to a computer network. From a smartphone and tablet to interactive whiteboard, no matter what device your students, teachers or visitors are using, they’ll need to stay connected no matter where they are. This is why implementing the correct wireless network solutions (Wi-Fi) in your school is critical. 

wireless network solutions
wireless network solutions

Supporting Learning

Teachers and students now rely on fast connectivity in order to support their learning and lesson programme, whether its collaborating on whiteboards, viewing online content such as videos or using handheld devices such as tablets, they all require a Wi-Fi connection. Here at Western we are focused on keeping your students connected, that’s why we want to ensure that your school has the WIFI solution it needs to aid your pupils to learn. Let us worry about the tech so that you can focus on the fun stuff.

Wireless Network Solutions with Western

Tailored Solution

Here at Western we build bespoke solutions to suit your school needs. That’s why we’ll consider everything when looking at your wireless network solutions. From premises size and layout to number of users and device types used on your network. Our technicians investigate it all and find a Wi-Fi solution that suits your needs, taking into account all possible factors so that we can provide a strong, fast connection.

Capacity Planning

It’s no good having a WiFi connection that doesn’t have the capacity to cope with your usage. Not only will we ensure you’ve got access where you need it but we’ll ensure we’ve considered how much capacity you may need. That way, whether it’s lesson time or not, you’ll have the capabilities to remain connected when you need it.


We’ve worked with schools for over 40 years, so we know how important it is for your network to remain secure. We can provide network security services which will give your school next-generation protection from cyber threats. Plus, you can add content filtering and site blocking to protect pupils from unsuitable webpages and content whilst using your Wi-Fi.

Ongoing Support

Our support doesn’t end once your Wireless Networks Solutions are in place. We’ll continue to support you into the future for whatever IT services you may need. We’ll be on call for any issues you experience and we offer onsite visits as frequently as you may need throughout the year to ensure your IT solutions are up to data and suitable for your needs.