Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management allows you to ensure all the devices within your school are rolled out with the same applications and security in a seamless way, providing your teachers and pupils with the devices they need, all ready to go and configured consistently. 

mobile device management

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Easy enrollment

Whether its 2 devices or 200, they can be ready to use with the apps and security you need straight from the box.

Content Filtering

Protect your students from unsuitable content with web filters and blocking functions for apps, games and websites.

Remote Configuration

Add apps and content across all of your school devices remotely no matter where they are.


School admins can enforce access control, passwords and perform checks to maintain device security.

Device Sharing

Students can use any device with their own login information and access their applicable apps.

Maintain Performance

Monitor device battery, storage and errors all from a remote location.

mobile device management

Manage all of your devices remotely

School devices come in various shapes and we’re able to provide mobile device management solutions to suit whatever devices you’re using. Whether it’s Apple, Android and more, MDM allows you to seamlessly manage your school devices and deploy solutions to the pupils quickly and easily. 

This enables you to keep your devices secure from cyber threats, rolls out content filtering across your schools and prevents unsuitable apps or files from being downloaded to any device. It also prevents the chances of files, apps or documents being duplicated across devices, which ensures your students get the best experience possible.

Mobile Device Management with Western

Western is able to put together the whole package. We can provide the hardware, cases, charge and sync trolleys, Mac Servers, Lightspeed Licensing, OS X License and Installation. And we will work with you and your Volume Purchasing Program to ensure that the right solution is implemented. 

Plus, we’ll work closely with you to understand the needs of your school to ensure you have the correct solutions in place now and in the future.