Microsoft Sharepoint

Sharing and collaboration made easy with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint allows your school to build its’ very own secure intranet made for sharing files, data, resources and news across classes, departments and divisions with ease. You can customise your site so that it works exactly the way your colleagues and students need it to. Allowing for effortless collaboration in a secure environment no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Group Collaboration

Students and teachers can easily work collaboratively on documents all being able to edit files in real-time, together. Plus you can hold audio or video calls and chat whilst working.

Save Time

There’s no need to wait on files being sent back and forth, you can easily access the documents you need and manage them with easy filing systems, saving you time and increasing productivity.

Any device, anywhere

Microsoft SharePoint is compatible with all devices, so your students and teachers can access files on the go, at home and in the classroom.

Distance Learning

Documents can be shared, managed and accessed at home, allowing for seamless distanced learning. Helping teachers to teach and students to learn.

Backed Up

Because your documents are located in the cloud you won’t lose any files if your device breaks. Ensuring your teachers and students are protected if the worst happens.


Staff can easily set permissions allowing documents to remain confidential and secure. Whether its by class or individual, it’s up to you.

Effective content management

Set up Microsoft SharePoint in a way that suits you, split by class, faculty or however you please. There’s even templates to help get you started or we can do it for you. you’re just a click away from the documents or files you’re looking for, which helps you to work quicker and easier and you can easily share work with the staff member or pupil you need. You can customise your area with the right school colours and branding and have the ability to share school news, events and resources to specific groups or the entire school. The possibilities are endless.

Microsoft SharePoint

Improve organisational processes

Transform the way you work and improve productivity across your organisation. Whether its small tasks like approvals and notifications to bigger complex tasks, with Microsoft SharePoint you can incorporate a variety of apps to help improve your processes from workflows to forms and more. And don’t worry, we’ll ensure it’s all setup for you in a way that suits your school.

Microsoft SharePoint