On-Premises Servers

On-Premises Servers for your school

The traditional approach to ICT requires that schools have a physical server located on the school’s premises.  The server (or servers) is typically located in a secure area, with associated networking infrastructure (switches, firewalls etc), and a battery backup power supply (usually known as a UPS).

The server provides user account and security management, file sharing, and other network related management features; with access to these servers being over your local network.  For many schools, this remains a proven, cost-effective, and functional solution.

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With Western

Western have created a simple server solution for small and medium site schools. All our solutions are designed to cater for your existing infrastructure and future growth. Our fixed price solutions are managed from start to finish to ensure you are completely satisfied, and everything you require is functioning as it should be. Most installations take anywhere up to 8 days, ensuring that the solution is as instructed and fully tested.

Server Install

We offer different levels of installation from assisted installs (if you have your own technician), to fully managed installs, which include the following benefits as standard:

      • Configure hardware RAM /Raid
      • Configure Microsoft Hyper-V operating system
      • Migrate data from current setup
      • Configure users and group’s as required
      • Setup Group Policy – redirect mydocs to home drive, redirect desktop, configure specific Internet settings and home page, Drive Maps & Printers – set anything specifically required by the school
      • Configure personnel mapped home share related to username
      • Configure a pupil resources share
      • Configure a teacher specific share that is not visible to pupils
  • Configure teachers to have access to all the pupils’ work
  • Install & Configure Sophos Enterprise & Client Deployment
  • Install WDS Services & Schools Image for disaster recovery & easy deployment
  • Install WSUS to keep all your PCs up to date
  • Configure a scheduled bare metal /disaster recovery backup
  • Configure network printers (Photocopiers may require the supplier’s input)
  • Setup any required scripts
  • Create a Simms partition for the school to have admin/curric on the same server if required
  • Configure Remote Access for Western (off site support)
  • Complete system overhaul to include re installing all school ICT equipment for a fresh start

Client Install

We offer different levels of installation from assisted installs (if you have your own technician), to fully managed installs, which include the following benefits as standard:

  • Deploy Windows 10/ Office 2016 WDS image created to all curric compatible ICT equipment
  • Install Westerns Schools Suite (all common free school specific apps)
  • Configure & install all school specific compatible licensed software to work with the server
  • Ensure that all compatible applications run and you are able to access anything you need to
  • Ensure that all printing options are available

Sized to Meet Your Needs

Our decades of experience mean that we can design a server solution specifically tailored to your school’s needs.  We take into consideration such things as:  your current storage & performance needs, your future growth & development plans, and changing ICT technology needs.

24/7 Realtime Monitoring

We monitor the health of your servers in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This allows us to be alerted of any server outages as soon as they occur.

Highly Resilient

Our server solutions are designed to be highly resilient, with redundancy in all critical components, such as hard disks, memory, and power supplies.

Remote Management & Support

If a server suffers an outage, learning outcomes can be severely affected.  In many cases we are able to identify and rectify issues remotely, greatly improving the time taken to get you back up and running.