Tablets for Schools

Make learning engaging with tablets for schools

Tablets are fast becoming the device of choice for many schools, enabling teachers to create a more fun and engaging learning environment for their students. But sometimes it can be difficult to understand where to start, there’s hundreds of devices from companies such as Microsoft, Android, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon and you’ve got to consider managing and rolling out these devices. That’s where we come in.

mobile device management
mobile device management

With Western

Here at Western we support you to find the device you need. We’ve been providing tablets for schools since they first came about and with over 40 years experience working with schools and colleges we have a deep understanding on how to provide you with the services you need. We focus on your needs and provide devices that are best suited to you. Then we’ll support you to get them set up in a uniform way with the apps and security they need. That way, you can focus on the learning and we’ll handle the IT.

Understand your needs

Here at Western your school is our focus. We think it’s important to take the time to understand you and what you aim to achieve with your technology.


We’ll find the right products to suit your schools needs and then we’ll source them from our suppliers all whilst taking into considering your budget and tech needs.


Once you’ve got your tablets in place, we’ll continue to support you into the future with Mobile Device Management, ICT Support and more.

tablets for schools

Mobile Device Management

When we provide tablets for schools many of our clients choose Mobile Device Management to support them with rollout and management of devices. Mobile Device Management allows you to ensure all the devices within your school are rolled out with the same applications and security in a seamless way, providing your teachers and pupils with the devices they need, all ready to go and configured consistently. Find out more here.