Internet Content Filtering

Internet Content Filtering

Western’s internet content filtering solution is designed to give you granular control of your schools internet access. We work with you to create policies designed around you and your school so that you are in control of who can see what through your internet connection. 

internet content filtering

Make quick changes to your content filtering rules

Internet content filtering from Western is managed by our support desk meaning you no longer have the waiting times for changes that are traditionally seen in solutions provided by Local Education Authorities. With training, your team would be able to be able to make quick temporary changes to the background rules, even during a lesson, meaning less downtime looking at blocked content. 

A firewall that won't impact your speeds

We understand that many internet content filtering solutions make browsing the internet a slow painful process. Our consultants will work with you to design and implement a fast, secure solution in your school keeping your network and pupils safe online without the hindrance of slow connection. 

Why to use content filtering in your school

Protect Pupils

Prevent students from viewing unsuitable graphic content.


Prevent pupils from becoming distracted by entertainment and gaming sites.

Cyberbullying Prevention

Block access to social media sites and the use of chosen words.

Cyber Security

Reduce the chances of malware accessing your devices.