About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1981, we are a service led specialist supplier of IT & AV Solutions. Having evolved from the computer revolution of the early 1980s; we have enjoyed rapid growth and success through continued development of products and services. 

Our professional team offers dedicated support services and technical expertise, ranging from system specification, installations, interactive solutions and network cabling; through to end user support. 

The level of service and support we are able to provide is second to none, and is the cornerstone of our success. Please click here if you would like to see what some of our customers think about us. 

Our Vision

Put simplyICT should be a learning tool not a learning inhibitor. Technology is no longer just supporting the curriculum, instead it has, and continues to become, an increasingly essential part of the curriculum. 

Our vision is that the ICT experience that pupils receive during their schools years should reflect the always-on IT experience that today’s modern workplaces demand.

That’s why we focus on resolving issues that affect learning outcomes in as short a time as possible. Regular visits are important, however today’s dependency on ICT means that these scheduled sessions are becoming less fit for purpose. By implementing new remote monitoring, and an enhanced ticketing system, we are now able to respond to incidents that affect learning outcomes in a far more timely manner. 

Our Values

We are immensely proud of the work that we do in supporting our many school clients. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we ask a lot of our ICT technicians as they go about their duties.

We expect all of our team to adhere to several core principles, namely:

  • Professionalism – they are working in an environment where children are absorbing everything around them. When our technicians are on site, we expect them to act as role models for those children who may choose a future career in IT.
  • Skilled – As the pace of technological change increases, so to does the importance of remaining skilled and certified in new technologies. We provide regular training on the latest technologies, such as Microsoft’s Cloud, and latest generation AV solutions.
  • Safety Minded – it is vital that our team remain mindful of the environment in which they work. That’s why, in addition to mandatory DBS checking, we provide regular Safeguarding training to all of our team members.
Our Team

Meet Our Experts



Julie has been with Western since the company started in 1981. Having decades of experience, she is lifeblood of Western. Contact Julie to book site surveys, installations, audits or request a quotation.



Colette is a longstanding member of the team and is responsible for purchasing, licencing and quotes within Western. She is always on the hunt for the best possible deals and provisions for our customers.



Sharon has worked for Western for most of its lifespan. Sharon is responsible for consumable sales and invoicing for Western. If you have any questions regarding invoicing for your account she is only a single call away!

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Our IT Consulting Lead Michael is a familiar face to all our schools. As IT consultant, he is majorly involved with the projects for our schools whilst also ensuring the rest of the team continues to provide the best possible service we can.



Ryan has a sharp focus on documentation and process. He loves to provide both our schools and our team with extremely useful guides for fixes and processes he has created.



With one eye always set on the future of tech, Jay is a forward thinker. Always wanting to find the most innovative way to do things; if you want to talk things like cloud and serverless setups, talk to Jay!

New Project


Max is the latest addition to our team. Having recently completed a university course in coding, he is eager to test his skills and thoroughly looks forward to visiting various schools and interacting with the dedicated individuals who manage them.



John has been in and around ICT in education for 20 years. An infrastructure guru and server specialist along with the ability to talk tech at all levels makes John a key asset to our Western team.



Our Chief Technologist, Tom’s role is to stay on top of all things new in the world of ICT. Introducing the Sales and Tech team to exciting new technologies is what Tom does best.



As our Sales & Marketing Director, Paul’s role is to ensure that you get to know about all of the things we can help you with. A brilliant strategist, Paul can also help you ensure that your ICT is fit for purpose and meets your needs.



Jen is a business support manager for Western and absolutely loves attention to detail. Keeping a keen eye on tickets to ensure that no stone is left unturned.



Knowledgeable, friendly, keen and conscientious are all traits required when working on the helpdesk, and Kieran has them in abundance.



Keeping you at the forefront of all things ICT in a very fast paced and evolving environment, takes planning and commitment. Our Managing Director, Steve’s role, is to achieve just this.