Cyber Security

School Cyber Security

Cyber security is now more important than ever and it’s essential for education sector organisations to ensure that their data and systems are protected from cyber threats. A data breach or system shut down could be detrimental to your pupils and is extremely damaging to your school reputation and that’s why we’ve introduced a multi-layered approach to cyber security so that all of our clients are protected. 

We protect your systems from the traditional email attacks through to the more modern web site scams. This gives your teaching staff the confidence that the systems they are logging onto are safe to use and have not been compromised. 

We ensure that the pupils are just as well protected. Locking down the systems to ensure that children can login to the sites they need whilst preventing access to unsuitable pages through content filtering protects pupils from harmful material and the school from cyber attacks. But we also offer much more as part of our cyber security solution…

cyber security

How your ICT infrastructure is protected

  • Defence: You’ll get next-generation firewalls, web filtering, detection & prevention technology, data loss prevention & spoof testing
  • Device Protection: Encryption technology, End Point Protection and Mobile Device Management ensure your devices remain secure
  • Continuity: Should the worst happen you have infrastructure recovery available getting you back up and running within an hour
  • Education: We’ll educate your staff and pupils on how to detect phishing emails to prevent people falling victim to an attack

What's included

Advanced Perimeter Protection

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Phishing Protection

Dark Web Scanning

Continuity Solutions

Ongoing Support