Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for schools

Empower your staff and pupils with the technology they need to teach and learn with Microsoft 365. Get essential Office 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint & more, additional classroom tools, a single place for file organisation, simplified class management and much more.

Office 365

Equip your pupils to learn with the tools they need. From school emails, to presenting their ideas on a PowerPoint, learning excel skills or developing literacy on Word they’ll have the tools to support them now and into the future. Plus, it’s all there to help teachers too. Get the tech you know you can’t live without, all now supported by the cloud.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft SharePoint


Create your schools very own branded intranet via SharePoint. Customise your site so that it works just how you need it to. Store and manage files, share school news and resources and create private areas for classes, departments and more. Plus, it’s all protected and backed up, so that you can be sure you’ve got the security you need.

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Microsoft Teams

Collaborate and communicate with ease on one simple platform with Microsoft Teams. Chat with colleagues, hold meetings with parents, manage course materials, share documents and much more. You can even send out assignments and tasks and grade their work confidentially via Teams. Making marking easier and saving teachers time to focus on the things they enjoy most.

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microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Features

Microsoft 365 equips your school with endless capabilities. From digital notebooks, automation tools, digital forms and assessments to easy document creation, file storage and much more. We find that many users are missing out on ways to make their life easier simply because they are unaware of many of Microsoft 365’s handy features. We’ll support your school to adopt Microsoft 365 in the best way to suit you, helping your users to learn about its’ capabilities and how to make the most of them.

Microsoft 365 With Western Business Systems

Design & Set Up

We understand that deploying new IT solutions across a whole school isn’t straight forward and that’s why we’ll handle it for you. We’ll provide a package that suits your school needs and get you set up and running. Whether it’s organising and building your SharePoint, implementing automation to improve your day to day or managing device apps and setup, we’ve got you covered.

Training & Tutorials

Getting a new IT solution is exciting but it’s important to make sure your staff and pupils can use it correctly so that you get the most out of the technology. That’s why we’ll provide training and tutorials to whoever you need and whenever you need it. Whether it’s understanding file management, Office apps and more, we’ll ensure your users have the knowledge and skills to make use of Microsoft 365 to the best of its’ ability.

Ongoing Support

We don’t just get you set up and leave you to it, we’ll provide you with ongoing IT support into the future at a level that suits you. We’ll be on call to fix any problems you may have and we’ll visit your school as often you may like to update your solutions or provide additional services dependant on your needs.