Platforms & Places


Platforms & Places

At String, we believe that your IT infrastructure should be seen as an enabler for growth; rather than a necessary evil.  Our Cloud Journey Solutions are designed to help our clients to maximise their return on IT investment, whilst enjoying scalability and agility; wherever they are on their journey to the Cloud.

We provide

  • On-premises Infrastructures:  Solutions that leverage the latest hyper-converged technologies and consumption-based pricing models to allow you to operate a private cloud IT business model
  • Cloud Infrastructure:  Infrastructure and Platform as a Service solutions deployed on Microsoft Azure to provide cost-effective, on demand and essentially limitless capacity; whatever your business needs
  • Cloud Pricing Models:  Scale-up, scale-down on-demand pricing models that reflect your actual IT service consumption, avoiding the over-provisioning days of the past
  • Ever-Green Infrastructures:  Non-disruptive, always up-to-date platform technologies ensuring security and functionality remain aligned to today’s IT environment
  • Network Solutions:  Secure networking solutions that seamlessly tie together your IT infrastructure components across branches, countries and clouds

Our solutions

Our Platforms & Places solutions take the many challenges of today’s IT infrastructure landscape and turn them into tangible business benefits for your organisation.

Infrastructure as a Service

Whether its a bespoke private cloud or the virtually limitless public cloud, Microsoft Azure, we’ll make sure it suits you.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine cloud and on-premise infrastructures to create a versatile solution that suits your business needs.

On-Premise Computing

Maintain your on-premise solutions and get support looking to the future with cloud.


Secure and fast connectivity solutions that support your business and IT infrastructure needs with speeds to suit you.