Brindle St James’ Church of England Primary School

Brindle St James’ Church of England Primary School

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As a school, the smooth operation of our computer systems is pivotal to our effectiveness in functioning and educating our children. We have been in partnership with Western for numerous years, and two years ago, we encountered substantial difficulties in having our school’s specific needs met. However, you dedicated your time to attentively listen to our concerns and ensured that we have since received comprehensive support.

Fast forward two years, and our staff now possess a significantly higher level of confidence in our IT systems. Ryan, Michael, and Jason, in particular, have been instrumental in assisting us with formulating a comprehensive long-term plan to upgrade our hardware. Whenever issues arise, they are prompt and efficient in resolving matters to a high standard. Moreover, Julie and Colette consistently offer us extensive support, exceeding our expectations. We are truly grateful to the company for attentively listening to our requests and taking prompt action.

The commitment and professionalism demonstrated by your staff are commendable, and they deserve recognition for being exemplary representatives of Western. We now consider ourselves immensely fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with such an outstanding and highly professional company.

Thank you.

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